Little India Wander

Happy Deepavali 2016!

To celebrate Deepavali in Singapore, I decided to follow TheSmartLocal’s route to wander around at Little India with hashtag #IWalkLittleIndia. I haven’t really walk through that area ever since I stay in Singapore, only passed by the bus. Together with other two friends, we witness combination with traditional and modern India!

Lunch @ The Banana Leaf Apolo. Cr: @evelynjunki

We had an incredible lunch before start the journey at The Banana Leaf Apolo. We wanted to try something big plate with a lot of colourful dips as we see from the next table, but we were not sure what it is. Finally, we called the recommendation menu: Rogan Josh Mutton (top) and Butter Chicken Masala Curry (bottom), naan and roasted biryani rice. I may say, this is the best Indian food that I ever taste in Singapore. Super tasty and full of surprise flavour Rogan Josh, without any difficulty to chew the mutton meat. Incredibly tender butter chicken with a hint of ginger was delightful. In the end, we order another portion of Rogan Josh and extra naan! 😀
(Note: One of my friend order ice coffee, a gentle reminder it’s super sweet for us!)

Colourful decorations @ Little India Market

After full by goodness, we moved to the market where just beside of The Banana Leaf restaurant. We kinda blinded by the reflection of that decoration and lights. As the decoration pretty low, we might need to be careful when walking around. The smell of fresh exotic fruits and decent crowds. Pleasant market stroll.

I planned to get henna to bright up the fest atmosphere, so I decided to get them after walk around to know the market price.

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

We started the journey to the Sri Veeramakaiamman Temple. The combination with the vibrant colour and a touch of gold. Magnificent! Sometimes I amazed by the details of the older generation can make. They made each of the statutes have own personality and faces, all handmade.

After walk for a while, confused between the street name, we went to Abdul Gaffoor Mosque, a beautiful yellow-green mosque at Dunlop Street. Once we went in, there’s a volunteer who greets us and explains about the history of Islam and the mosque. Inspired by Europe interior, Arabic architecture and Taj Mahal pillars. To respect the religious area, short trouser and exposed skin need to be covered. We can borrow a long coat and go into the mosque. However, that time was pray time, so we decided to respect and enjoyed the exterior of the mosque.

Kampong Kapor Methodist Church

We continue to walk the area toward Kampong Kapor as the TSL’s recommendation as there is a hidden gem for a photo shoot. Contrast with the blue sky, Kampong Kapor Methodist Church stands out with all white exterior and surround area.

Windowsill of The Unfailing Light

There’s a building beside the church, The Unfailing Light, the hidden gem for photo goers. There’s the white wall with a simple yet pretty window. It’s quite high for a short person like me, so be careful when you climb up! 🙂

Umbrella Tree @ Hindoo Road

We kinda lost when we tried to find the exact location of Project Oasis in Little India’s Umbrella Tree and Colourful Buffalo Statue. After wandering around Hindoo Road, finally, we manage to find these lovely trees and take a breather after a long walk in the heat called it for the day. You can buy fresh coconut water nearby, just opposite of the Umbrella Tree area.

I missed many beautiful spots in Little India because I lost a lot and Google Maps didn’t work well to give direction. You can check The Smart Local’s website to see their #IWalkLittleIndia campaign and route from the link here.

Once again, happy Deepavali, guys! 😀


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