19th August 2016 is BIGBANG 10th years anniversary, so I would like to share the experience of BIGBANG: MADE The Movie and how do I feel toward them. It was a late post, there’re many events happen last few weeks. (FANGIRL alert! I tried my best to cut unnecessary words)

BIGBANG: MADE The Movie released in several country movie theatres and one of them is Singapore Golden Village Theater, from 28 to 31 July 2016. It is a rare occasion to have a concert movie for Asian singers. Only the famous and the influential artists; like Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber, made their concert to movie format.

Because it only happens for 4 days, the ticketing time is like war, especially for the first-day screening. 28th July version is Fan Preview, viewers get free a BIGBANG MADE Concert poster, a postcard set and popcorn. I went to the 29th July and was lucky to get the good seat with a slight delay.

A mixture between the making-of scene, backstage sessions, and concert performance, this movie captured the best moments. The director showed not only the professional side of BIGBANG as artist, but also as adults in late 20s who like to have fun and be silly. As a 9-years-fan myself, watched them at HD screen without any distraction to dance together is a new experience and quite overwhelming. Sadly, I didn’t cry. :p

MADE World Tour 2015 – Singapore, If You Performance

First Concert Backstage

In professional point of view, BIGBANG members are indeed perfectionist and sensitive to every small detail. During the beginning of tour; a day before D-Day to be exact; there are communication issues spotted by the member when they did the rehearsal. Timing stage lifts missed the cue, messy floor camera direction (cameraman who bring HDV camcorder and walk around on the stage), stage lights were too bright, digital visual were unfinished, etc. As major issues keep appeared, it really tested BIGBANG members’ patients. Although it was shown that they do upset, they keep the scolds low and gave the staffs chance to improve before the concert happen. All of them worked incredibly hard and supported each other for the moment of truth.

The result? It was a BLAST. The first day of the concert tour  was all over South Korean entertainment news. Responses from the audience came out satisfied; fans are pleased, critics wrote positive reports, the other artist gave their supports at SNS. The proof of BIGBANG and all concert staffs’ cooperation are paid well.

Once the first city concert finished, the world tour challenge has started.

Making M.A.D.E

The world tour itself was exhausting. 76 worldwide concerts in total, and they are still in progress making history now. They flight back and front to a different country together with their crews every week. Filming new MVs, variety shows, interview, press, promotion. No mention that they need to maintain their public image during the packed schedules. One time in V live Apps, when the question of who will BB member bring together for overseas vacation, they mention they travelled to another country every week.

Injuries, fatigue and mentally exhausted, the show must go on. During MADE period, most of fan-accounts and fan-cams showed their incredibly tired face, buried by mask and sunglasses. Every time there’s a break in between show, they use the precious time to sleep. One of a good example is when BIGBANG came to Running man as guests, they felt asleep in between the mission to another location.

In this movie, it shows unexpected situation behind the scene. At the first MADE concert, G-Dragon had to sing and dance for about 8 powerful songs, non-stop. As his image of an energetic performer, he was running around the stage, ignoring the fact that his body temperature was too high and lack of oxygen. In one point he wobbled back to behind stage curtain after finished his singing part and collapsed in the middle of one song. Just behind of the stage curtain. While the other members continue to perform, the concert crews panicked and brought him oxygen tube and ice cube, tried to put his body temperature lower. Not even two minutes, the next song played and he is the song starter. Without many choices, he had to come back to the stage. Luckily, there was nothing bad happen to him and the concert was a big success.

However, all of their hard works are not lose in vain. MVs and concert trailers have high-quality shots, world class. The concept of agent BIGBANG bring a secret mission, travelled around with so many obstacles. Camera, stunts, props, acting, storyline, dance, etc. None of them is disappointing. They created a new history, new records and Even The New York Times called Big Bang the “Smooth K-Pop Criminals.


In this movie, it showed the importance of teamwork between BIGBANG and all of the world tour crews. Most of the crew included people who have been working with them since they were trainees. These staffs witness them grew from awkward idols to legendary artists.

Kim Tae Hyun / Jwaeny : Hair stylist – BIGBANG members call her grandma-alike as she always feeds them food in the middle of filming, will jealous if any of the members get hairstyling by other people.

Jieun: Stylist – Person in charge of BIGBANG’s title as fashion icons, artistically detailed and consider have pretty chill personality. Her caring attitude makes her feels like BIGBANG’s own older sister.

Lee Jae Wook: Lead Dancer – Used to be Se7en backup dancer, now he become choreographer of Hi-Tech and also one of the closest friends with BIGBANG. Described as the goofy, crazy yet creative one.


Despite their killer schedules, they never leave their goofy sides. Aside from their professional status as mega-superstars who able to rock a concert hall just by stand there, BIGBANG members are still human beings. A group of 4 shy-introvert and 1 social butterfly. One of the interviews revealed that each of the members does not have that many friends. The members are the only friends with whom they can share their lives and openly talk about personal things. There are a lot of private funny moments that only the tour staffs know about it. When they are just five alone, they can talk for hours. Most of their jokes are calm-inside-jokes. Whenever there’s interview, Seungri tried his best to follow the timeline and script, which in the end the older members complained he keep interrupt their stories.

Each of BIGBANG members has own charms and role in the group. Charismatic and extremely handsome with his new obsession of arts and furniture, who actually a 5-years-old child trapped in an adult body, TOP on TOP. A soulful singer that have incredible energy to dance with bomb body, who actually a squishy cinnamon roll, bright like Taeyang (태양 = Sun). Perfectionist musician, charismatic leader and chic fashion icon, yet also a pretty shy *slash* sweetheart in real life, ambitious G-Dragon. Darling inside out who success to melt all of the audiences with his jokes and unexpected sexiness, smile angel Daesung. And last but not least, the youngest, the spiciest yet the most mature hot chilly, party butterfly Seungri.

All of the shine brightly on stage and nobody can touch the level, yet.

MADE World Tour 2015 – Singapore, Haru-Haru Performance


They gather 1,500,000 fans in total for MADE World Tour alone, not included additional concerts and fanmeeting.

Regardless of MADE World Tour success, it is actually the improved much version of 2012’s Alive: World Tour. Before the first world tour, the members confessed that it was a tough moment for each of themselves. There were scandals, rumoured solos or even worst; disband. But after being hiatus as group for about a year, BIGBANG won MTV EMA Award for ‘World Wide Act’ in 2011, beat world star like Britney Spears and Justin Bieber. It also proved that BIGBANG was believed to exist because of VIPS.

BIGBANG are aware that without their trusted crews and loyal fans, they will never reach their peak of fame as 5 artists. That is the reason they keep thanking them whenever there’s chance. This might sound exaggerate but VIPs feel loved back by BIGBANG themselves. Trust and believe.

MADE World Tour 2015 – Singapore
G-Dragon took a moment to appreciate VIP’s love

Last Words

Congratulation to YG and the Crews!
Your hard works result more than the best!

Congratulation, VIPs!
We did well and keep the faith!

Congratulation of the 10th anniversary, BIGBANG!
We believe you guys to come back with a BANG!

Thank you BIGBANG for being VIP’s everything!


Talk about a little bit of my personal thought about MADE Concert Tour. MADE project played big role during my empty period in April 2015 to May 2016. The company where I work that time was ceased due to internal problem. It is my first full-time job with excelent production team crew, which made me incredibly sad when the bad news hit. MOM Singapore gave higher standard to hire local and foreigner workers, coupled with my less-than-4-months work experience, it was difficult to get a job right away. It was quite depresing time.

It was exactly a year of MADE Tour and also marked my unemployment period. It feels like BIGBANG gave me reasons to live the fullest; to get excited for new songs every month and look forward to see them active again. From that MADE concert (and Alive Concert), I have fallen in love with them even more, especially Daesung. Not only because his activeness / craziness, but also because his courage to smile genuinely after so much shits happened to him. It was a gentle reminder to not give up no matter what.


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