Indian-French Wedding

The exquisite wedding happens between two individuals who love each other, witnessed by the blue sky and green tree, sea breeze sang the celebration song to the couple. Congratulation!

Last weekend I attended a wedding of my sister’s friend that happen at Bob’s Bar Capella Singapore. This is my first time attend Indian-French with Cuban touch wedding, so everything was new for me.

When the guests wrote the congratulation message, they get a blessing water splash and red powder by bridesmaids.

Reception event is quite private yet intimate. It was overwhelming because everything was beautiful. The most beautiful wedding that I ever attend. Pastel colour flower with a touch of red rose presents the romantic relationship for each other. The bride was exquisite, beautiful beyond words. The groom was charming, cannot take eyes from him because he was also beautiful(??).

The splendid combination of French and Indian cuisines with a lovely homemade souvenir of cheesecake in the jar. Cuban music keeps entertaining the couple and guests. The bride sang a song and dance for the groom, such a cute scene.

Conclusion: best of the BEST wedding ever! Congratulations to the happy couple! 😀


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