Je t’aime Perfume Workshop

Lovely environment to brew the goodness. Each of the bubbles has certain scent of place in Singapore

Since kid, I have been interested in perfume making. It leads me to read the novel and watched the movie called “Perfume: The Story of A Murderer”. It shows that human has an own scent of their personality and the process of making a perfume is not only mixing good scent liquids, the process is fascinating.


So last weekend I went to a perfume workshop called Je t’aime. That day the attendance were a lovely couple and me. It was rainy afternoon, quiet yet peaceful place to brew the goodness.

The couple took the Standard Ticket for Adult and I took Student Ticket. Both of them are 2 hours session, but there’re some differences between those two.
Standard Ticket will give a custom-made bottle (105ml) and 3 travels bottles. This course allows you to explore more variety fragrances, more challenge to find the most suitable scent for personal perfume. Each of the bottle has a short description about the scents, some of them smell raw.
Student Ticket will give a custom-made bottle (105ml). This course is easier because the fragrances are pre-mixed, about 5-10 ingredients inside one bottle. There’s description paper in the box which shows the combination. The perfumer said that this course confirm will produce a good scent perfume.

Before the session started, each of us was given a personality test, about 20 multiple choice questions. By the end of the quiz, it determinates the drop quantity for each mixture. Female and male have different box, so I assume their questions are different too.
There’re 5 categories for female section:
– Citrus (elegance & active) : fruity, sweet and youth.
– Fresh (chic & practical) : grass, minty & clean.
– Floral (down-to-earth & romantic): sweet, calm & refreshing.
– Woody (mature & calm): spa-feeling, natural & quite heavy.
– Oriental (daredevil & independent): musky, flirty yet women scent.

Now, the most challenging part: find the scent! Each of the bottles has a different scent, so we need to smell them one by one. Student box has only about 40 bottles, while the Standard box has more than 100 bottles. After inhaling dozens of bottle, we had difficulty in differentiating next bottles and asked about coffee beans. Perfumer informed us that inhale coffee bean smell actually is not stabilized the smell confusion, it just gives a different strong smell. Once each category of fragrant is chosen, it backed to the quiz score. The quiz results drop quantity for each section. It doesn’t mean we have to follow 100%, just be creative with guidance!

Pretty perfume bottle

The result is pleasant; got the fragrance that I like all in one beautiful bottle. Creating own perfume is intimate and private, it considers as a bonding session for couple or group of friends. It is a worthy and great experience!

Je t’aime Perfume Workshop;, 90 Goodman Road, Goodman Arts Center, Block B, 04-10


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